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We pride ourselves on harboring one of the most active off-market deal sources in New Jersey. We are able to accomplish this through several proprietary sourcing opportunities.

We take all the best opportunities and assemble them into a portfolio that we make available to our dedicated partners.

If you are looking for a new deal stream that comes with rigorous underwriting and thorough analysis, join our active list today.  


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Everyone should have partners who give you every advantage to win! Cash Deals New Jersey offers our First Access customers a full range of resources to understand and evaluate each property to guarantee its success. Providing you with a vetted list of our best properties, you get the access to the hottest opportunities in New Jersey.

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Cash Deals New Jersey has been our top provider of quality flip opportunities here in New Jersey. What we value most is their attention to analyzing the deal and always helping us make the best decision regardless if it helps them or not.

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Our First Access Community gets instant insights into the best deals popping up in New Jersey every week. By being a part of our community you will get expert underwriting, financials and instant access to our premium properties! 

How It Works

How It Works

Check out the largest database of the most desirable off-market properties here in New Jersey. ​

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Closing is a breeze. We can help align all of the resources necessary to help you get the keys sooner. ​

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